Sunday, 19 February 2012

Symbol Of Penang Island

Exposure: Aperture F8|Shutter Speed 8s|ISO 800
Known as betel-nut in english, this is the tallest I have seen in Pulau Pinang(Penang Island) so far. It is also known as symbol of Penang Island.

Thought process: This Pinang tree is not straight up but diagonal, however it really stands up in the forest because of its height, even slight mild wind will shake the tree. My thought was, if everything in the image is sharp except the main subject, that might be interesting as if the main subject is in motion. I carefully frame the tree by aligning my camera with the tree branch so that it looks straight. For this image I don't set tungsten white balance but let AWB to take the charge. The result is what I have expected, with warmer color as there are some street lights(tungsten) and fluorescent light from very far distance.

From Ansel Adams - You don't take a photograph, you make it.

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