Thursday, 22 November 2012

NP: KK Bay Area Romance

Re-processing of my old images, this is located at my beautiful home town Kuala Kurau, like the ambient there, with the wind whispering and raining stars ...

Technical wise, this is stacked using a set of 20 minutes images using Starstax and further processed with layer masking in Photoshop for foreground subject. There are gaps in the star trails as I didn't know how to use intervalometer in D7000 and pressing the shutter manually at that time(I could have used Startrails.exe for better gap filling of star trails but sometimes it's better to remember our mistakes as learning experience)

MNS - Night Portrait

Exposure: Aperture F11|Shutter Speed 15s|ISO 100
Night portrait is way harder than I thought, finding a good background, to place the subject comfortably so they can hold still for long period of time and yet not having that stiff look, and run around to pop the strobe here and there, anyway it's tiresome but fun process.

Technical wise, this is not HDR though it looks like it, for the lighting technique, existing fluorescent light on camera left, then one pop of 1/16 power strobe from the front of the subject at camera right and 3 pops of 1/2 power strobe from the back of the subject at camera right. The post process is straight forward, just unsharp mask and minor contrast adjustment.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

MNS - Flawless Moment

Exposure: Aperture F11|Shutter Speed 15s|ISO 400|WB Fluorescent
Technical wise, I seem to use fluorescent white balance more especially with sodium vapor lit night scene, this WB setting retains both red and blue channel very well(not extreme to one channel so we can have the best of both worlds)

The flawless sky is made by the old lady who walked through my lens view, she had white fabric wrapped on her head loosely and that created smooth cloud colour and shape in the sky.