Sunday, 17 February 2013

NP: Freezing the long exposures

Exposure: Aperture F3.5|Shutter Speed 30s|ISO 800
This image is taken at Langkawi Island, the famous island with many beautiful beaches in Malaysia.

Thought process: Seeing way too many night seaside/beach images with silky smooth surface to show the calmness of the sea, I'm experimenting with the technique to freeze the moment during long exposures. Normally in 30 seconds exposure the wave at the seashore will be silky smooth, I want to freeze the wave like we have seen during the day time with less than a second exposure, to achieve what I have in mind, I use strobe(SB700), set at the power of 1/64+0.3 to blast on coming wave when it hits the seashore. So the exercise confirms that -

Long Exposure+moving subject=silky smooth/blur look
Long Exposure+moving subject+strobe=static look

And in future, I will try to find stronger wave or moving subject to create more dramatic image at night.