Friday, 11 October 2013

NP: Good Bye, Forest ...

Exposure: Aperture F5.6|Shutter Speed 90s|ISO 250
At the truckyard, the excavator is parked beside the woods, this location is heavily illuminated by the sodium vapour street lights.

Sometimes the background makes the image, it would be boring if there's nothing in the sky. Here's the tip to share, I checked the weather forecast to know the night will be cloudy, and second factor to control how your image looks like is the wind direction and speed. Once you have those information at hand, the rest is about making the image on location. Being patient is important too, I have to observe the sky and wait for the right timing to get interesting sky like this, and the reason I set the shutter speed to 90 seconds because the cloud was moving slowly and requires longer time to capture the transition of moving cloud.

By the way I use the mobile app - Foreca to track the weather information, so far it seems to be most accurate for the country I reside. It offers both IOS and Android version as well.