Friday, 23 May 2014

Night Photography Asia Community(NPAC)

I have known Martin for quite a while and we have been talking about running the Night Photography community, and finally we do. We have just started the community - Night Photography Asia Community(NPAC), this community is aimed to promote Night Photography so as to inspire and create awareness in Asia regions.

Why are we doing this? The answer is simple, both me and Martin have seen many night images from US/Europe but in Asia, we hardly see any serious amateur who spend their time on Night Photography crafts, and hopefully this community will encourage more people to do Night Photography and share their beautiful night photographs especially in Asia. Even though Night Photography is never a mainstream, but I don't think we are alone in this, for sure we can find more like minded people once there's a community to hang out.

Where can you find the community?

Feel free to join us, all you need is flickr account. We also have facebook page setup here -

Hopefully with this community we see more people doing night photography in Asia.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

NP: Lake Toba(Samusir Island)

It's not my priority to do night photography over there as this is my holiday trip to Lake Toba and Medan, Indonesia, however I can't resist to do so, I'm keen to go back there again for the purpose of night photography in future because there are so much to explore.

I don't have many takes but 3, there you go -
The Majestic Gate
Zed's Horns
The Traditionalism
You can obviously see the roof of the house has very unique design, it has very strong diagonal shape, which actually symbolizing the horns of buffalo. If you ever visit there, you may also find their graveyard is just built nearby their home, which I have never seen in any other place thus far, I did ask the local about the graveyard, they call it "Future House". I would like to pay respect to them and making a series of night images if possible next time. Another worthy look is church, there are so many churches you can find around the area and all of them are unique in their own way.

All and all, good holidays!