Sunday, 29 July 2012

Use what you have for creative process

Exposure: Aperture F14|Shutter Speed 1/125s|ISO 100
Exposure: Aperture F14|Shutter Speed 1/125s|ISO 100
I like to shoot through some glasses, and use them as my creative filter as I have posted previously here.

Thought Process: The glass from my hotel room is like ND with magenta color filter, with that it cuts down the light and only allows magenta color cast(blue/red) through the glass and makes it easy for me to ignore other color spectrum, this generates interesting and surreal scene to me because you don't normally get a rounded sun in mid day when shooting it. There are tricks to shoot through the glass without getting any reflection, either switch off all the lights in your room or attach the lens to the glass ;)

There's not much post-processing except enhancing the contrast.

Monday, 23 July 2012

MNS: Double Grey Moon Ring

Exposure: Aperture F8|Shutter Speed 10s|ISO 100
Moon surface is grey, and this image just tells exactly that ;)

Thought process: The moon ring is visible to the eyes, trying to capture it is another story as it requires certain exposure combination for certain cameras/lens, it's "trial and error" style this time. Composition wise, weird angle with satellite talking to the outer space, to balance it I include the red/green building block to the frame as well.

If you observe the image carefully, you might see second moon ring appeared at the top right corner of the frame, basically moon ring indicates the storm or bad weather coming, according on the wikipedia source.

Friday, 20 July 2012

MNS: Light & Shadow

Exposure: Aperture F8|Shutter Speed 1/5s|ISO 400
Kandawgyi Lake is big, bigger than I expected. As there's no way to cover every single place, finding what I like to cover is important.

Thought process: When there's light, there's shadow! In photography we always learn to see the light, try the opposite to improve the way you see things around you, been practising it with or without my camera.