Monday, 20 February 2012

Abandoned Train

Exposure: Aperture F11|Shutter Speed 30s|ISO 800
This abandoned train is found at Juru, and it offers a lot of opportunities to light painters, I have yet to make interesting image for it yet but already pre-visualize some creative night images can be made out of it. Lets see how well it turns out in future, the clutter background and some street lights around can cause some problem to me and lets see how it goes. I do wish to be able to meet the owner to know more about the background of this train and also ask for legitimate access.

Thought process: There's no access to the inner part of this train as it is locked, in fact to simulate the lighting inside the train, it is illuminated from the back of this train through the windows, the minor catch is the windows glass tends to reflect the light back to the trees at the back so the light painting needs to be controlled carefully to avoid the reflection reaching the trees at the back. The foreground is very dark and has been painted by galaxy nexus flashlight near to the ground level to bring up some ground texture details.

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