Friday, 3 February 2012

The sense of place

Exposure: Aperture F8|Shutter Speed 30s|ISO 200
This is the yard where fishermen usually clean their net and rest after back from long hours of hard work, after balanced the night ambient, street light and my light painting, I clicked on the shutter and started to illuminate the yard with my smart phone turns flashlight as my own torch light ran out of battery, the cat ran into the yard, staring at me and avoided me again(the cat tried to avoid the bright light if I'm not mistaken).

I was having the feeling that the cat might ruin my image this time but to think the other side, it may enhance the image. There I have the ghosting cat, and it becomes my favorite image ...

Living in Malaysia with diverse culture, you see different things in different fish town, in Chinese fish town, you usually see a lot of dogs guarding around, on the other hand our fellow Malay friends are cat lovers, no doubt you will see cats around Malay fish town. The cat gives the sense of surrounding to my image.

Thought process: People tend to take picture of fish town by facing the boats, and the sea, the symbol of fish town is always the net, I tried to avoid those elements in my image here, and visualize what fishermen are going to see when they are about to go home when walking out from this yard after finish their works,  rest at the sofa, chit-chat with their friends in the yard.

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