Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chasing twilight

Exposure: Aperture F11|Shutter Speed 1/20s|ISO 100
The gigantic bird(phoenix) is flying back to her home during morning civil twilight before sun rises, notice the small birds are waiting for their queen to come home ...

Packed up my camera kits and tried to hunt for some night location at 4am, found couple of places and noted them down, however it didn't turn out to be productive night apart from location scouting, until the day is almost out ...

Some people think landscape is easy, the sky won't fall and the mountain won't collapse and be gone, you have time to work out your composition and all ...

Sometimes you don't really have time, you need to think fast, especially if you are capturing twilight(normally about 20 minutes time window before sunrise or after sunset in equator area) and you have quite a strong wind(that gives the sense of movement), not to say some non-still subjects in your frame.

Thought process: I found the cloud shape in the sky to be very unique, and work out my composition to match the ground subject with it(the sky dominates here), as I saw birds flying around on the left(outside of my frame), I waited a little bit and finally able to capture this moment after few frames. The sun soon raised on the right of this image.

Plan to be lucky!

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