Thursday, 23 February 2012

Full Moonset: Subtlety

Exposure: Aperture F16|Shutter Speed 8s|ISO 100
Full moon is always the favorite time for night photographer because the moon will be the best light source out there. The moon will rise in the east and set in the west so we can basically track the moon trail. The coming full moon(March 7th) will be decent time to go out for night photography as there's possibility to see moonset at horizon before sunrise.

Thought process: It's all about subtle reflection for me in this image, the moon will set at 9am morning so there's no way to see it at horizon, I have low tide here with the mud land(no sea water here otherwise you will see silky and smooth surface in long exposures), the moon light illuminated the mud land, and it was actually reflected in the only small pool of water in this mud land. We all love to have depth in the image by taking interesting subject in the foreground, and I really have subtle one this time.

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