Thursday, 19 April 2012

MNS: Water Truck For Living

Exposure: Aperture F9|Shutter Speed 25s|ISO 200
Exposure: Aperture F9|Shutter Speed 25s|ISO 200
According the the locals, the truck is used to send water to rural area for daily usage, it really tells how life is tough in the country.

Thought process: Get the composition and exposure right, then wait for timer to finish, you can see the beautiful sky color here, most of the time I will use tungsten white balance at night but not for this one since I want to retain orangish sky color.

For the second image here, there's street light in the front of the car which illuminates the water flow pumping into the water tank of the truck. I have also filled the shadow with my torch light to recover the detail of the rear part and watering ground.

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