Saturday, 3 March 2012

Night Photography: Location Scouting

It has been raining at night since last week, so I choose to do location scouting in the morning. Normally I just look for location around me because I want to visit the same location frequently, otherwise it takes a lot of time to make long trip to somewhere far for night photography. My location scouting is simple, basically I just drive without destination, to look for endless opportunities out there and this time I'm rewarded with few locations for the night out.

First location is a scrapyard, I have actually noticed about this scrapyard before but never meet the owner, sometimes to shoot the location without concern, all we need to do is socializing, lucky enough I get to talk to the owner and I'm welcome to shoot the scrapyard anytime in future, thank you.

Second location is rock mountains, I need to shoot this location soonest as some of the rock mountains have been destroyed and housing development is in progress. The landscape will change soon.

Rock Mountain
Third location consists of few trees, but they all look like growing some hair, shooting them at night will be interesting.
Hairy Trees
Forth location is forest mountain, I don't think this location will be preserved for long as well since some rough paths have been built up here.

Forest Mountain
With more locations available, I need to arrange my time properly for night photography, foresee myself to revisit them at night especially the scrapyard.

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