Saturday, 21 February 2015

In the world of mist

I have been absent for 3 months ++ for night photography due to the changes of my daily job. And year 2015 seems to be bright one for my night photography journey as me and my friend have put up the schedule to shoot at night in various locations.

One of the location is always filled with fogs and I'm glad to make the trip to shoot there, we have made the plan to revisit the location soon.

Hopefully this year will be a productive one in term of night photography!


  1. So you definitely recommend LX7 vs Canon s110? Funny, lot of camera review site, do not test camera made for low-light at night!? Can you make some BW night photos, which interests me. If you are interested in this very good portfolio of night photography
    i can send direct download link (wetransfer) were you want, plus i have more than 400 ebooks on Photography (not how to books but, monographies of famous ptographers..

    1. hi Steven,

      Yes I will definitely go for LX7 over Canon S110 anytime if the main interest is night photography. I have seen Mike Melman's work before, I wouldn't mind to buy the book as well, thanks for the reminder.

      Black and white/mono is not my thing, however I don't see why not to take it though ;)

      Thank you for sharing.