Friday, 21 February 2014

Edward Hopper

While there are differences between art of painting and photography, it has so much similarities that photographer should learn to think like a painter. Therefore it is important to study the artwork of painting artists, there are so much to offer in term of imagination, composition, story telling, mood creation, clever use of the colour palette and many other elements that they put together.

Manhattan Bridge Loop, 1928
Edward Hopper, the american artist summed up his work by stating "The whole answer is there on the canvas" tells exactly that. I won't discuss much about his work here and let you interpret yourself, I would like to share what I found in youtube -

I know that's a lot to swallow, just take your time slowly when viewing his paintings, each of them are created with a lot of thoughts from Edward Hopper. I really hope someday I can see the real paintings of him in exhibition. 

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